Dozens of ways to show appreciation to pastors and their families

EDITOR’S NOTE — October is Pastor Appreciation Month, a time Southern Baptists pause to show appreciation to their pastors and their families.

Pastors often work long hours, attend to the needs of their congregation day and night, and sacrifice personal time and resources for the betterment of their flock.

They need affirmation and spiritual refreshment just like everyone else, and when church members actively show their appreciation it strengthens the bond between the congregation and pastor, fostering a sense of unity, trust and mutual respect. Honoring your pastor and his family in special ways provides encouragement for the journey ahead.

Here are some ideas for how to show appreciation:

Practical help

  • Sacred Space Spruce-Up: Offer to redecorate or renovate the pastor’s office or part of the home.
  • Gift of Time: Offer services like babysitting, pet care or household chores, giving the pastor more personal or family time.
  • Educational Endowment: Set up a scholarship or fund for the pastor’s children’s education or extracurricular activities.
  • Date Night Delight: Offer babysitting services and gift the pastor and spouse with tickets to a romantic dinner, the theatre or other activity they would enjoy as a couple.
  • Family Story: Commission a writer or artist to document the pastor’s family journey in an illustrated book or digital format.


  • Gift of Rest: Organize a surprise sabbatical or weekend getaway — a retreat or simple vacation, giving him time to rejuvenate.
  • Blessing Basket Bonanza: Create themed gift baskets — a “Day Off” basket could include books, snacks and relaxation items; while a “Family Night” basket might feature board games or movie tickets.
  • Family First Fest: Organize a special day out for the pastor’s family — a trip to a theme park, a movie marathon or a special meal at a popular restaurant.
  • Family Getaway Gift: A weekend retreat or vacation package for the pastor’s family to enjoy quality time together.
  • Home Comfort Catering: Cater a special dinner for the pastor’s family, or provide a series of homemade meals they can enjoy throughout the week.
  • Cultural Experience Day: Provide tickets to a local theater, museum or concert that aligns with the pastor’s interests.
  • Adventure Anew: Purchase a family pass to a local adventure park, zoo or aquarium.

Personal Growth

  • Farm to Table: Organize fresh produce delivery from a local farm or farmers market to provide the family with healthy, home-cooked meals.
  • Spiritual Spa Day: Gift the pastor with a day of relaxation, possibly including a massage, meditation session or simple quiet time in a serene location.
  • Workshop Wonders: Sponsor the pastor’s attendance at a workshop, seminar or conference in which he has expressed interest; it could relate to pastoral work, personal growth or a hobby.
  • Sacred Journeys: Gift him with a pilgrimage or spiritual journey to a destination he has always wanted to visit, such as the Holy Land, a retreat center or a historically significant religious site.
  • Growth Grant: Set up a fund for the pastor to use on personal development, such as classes or workshops.
  • Tech Tokens: Upgrade tech: a new tablet, laptop or phone to aid in their pastoral duties and personal use.

Community aid

  • Legacy Library: Start or add to a library in the pastor’s name, within the church or at a community center. Stock it with the pastor’s recommended readings.
  • Pastor’s Passion Project: Find a cause or mission the pastor is passionate about in the church and/or community and make a donation in his name, or organize a church event to support it.
  • Legacy Brick: Purchase a brick or stone in the pastor’s name at a local community center or park, ensuring a lasting legacy.


  • Book of Blessings: Craft a book filled with prayers, blessings and good wishes for the pastor and family.
  • Memory Lane Tribute: Create a scrapbook or digital photo album filled with memorable moments, sermon highlights, church events or personal notes of gratitude.
  • Handwritten Harmony: Encourage church members to write a letter or note of gratitude; collect them to present in a decorative box or binder.
  • Echoes of Appreciation: Organize an evening where church members gather (perhaps virtually) to share stories and testimonies about how the pastor has impacted their lives.
  • Wall of Gratitude: Designate a wall or a board in the church where members can pin notes, pictures or small mementos symbolizing their appreciation.
  • Pastoral Portrait: Commission a local artist to create a portrait of the pastor, capturing his spirit and dedication. Hang it in a special place in the church.
  • Community Choir: Organize a surprise performance by the church choir or the congregation, singing the pastor’s favorite hymns and songs.
  • Garden of Gratitude: Dedicate a garden or a special section of the church’s outdoor space to plant trees or flowers in the pastor’s honor.
  • Literary Legacy: Compile the pastor’s sermons, articles or writings into a bound book or e-book.
  • Starry Night Surprise: Host an outdoor appreciation evening under the stars with music, testimonials and a cozy bonfire.
  • Handmade with Love: Organize a craft day in which church members create handmade gifts, art pieces or even knitwear for the pastor.
  • Spotlight Stories: Dedicate a segment of the church’s newsletter or website to share stories of the pastor’s impact, letting the community contribute their experiences.

Pastor Appreciation Month is not just about customary acts of kindness — it can be a profound reflection of the Christian ethos of gratitude, love and unity, with the potential to invigorate pastoral families, inspire congregations and deepen community bonds.

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